Vampires, Ghouls, and Other Gluttonous Hungry Death Eater Zombies

Those who do not care and long for eternal life[1] are only afraid of death. We must educate them into willing to die with love and benevolence – also a bit of visible fangs out of sincere condolent smiles. Turn their atrocities into a most generous gesture: leaving living space and let the rest of us enjoy living our lives of plenty[2], then dying in due time with a widely shared, compelling feeling of integrity with the cosmos.

L’inspace d’un extant j’ai cru que le temps linéaire existait[3].

  1. wannabe gods, amazing gurus, over achievers, cockily retributed with a lottery ticket to enter History and live eternally from their depraved legacy, making it to history books, bronze pigeon latrines in public parks, all manners of turning into some commonly cool name, for as long as history lasts – only the greater killers do, as an asymptote slowly fades away shorter immortals into oblivion[4] ; nowadays they consider escaping Earth on militarized metallic cargo, wake up from cryo when high-tech is sufficiently advanced to grant them immortality for waiting so long[5], uploading minds to distributed cloud storage[6] as if it would work, building walls and starting wars, entertaining the masses of fraudulent ignorers who know but still deny only a bunch of crazy dudes want to play such undeadly game—to win at our[7] expense. ↩︎

  2. out of misery with the decimation of the gainrising advesperate lords ↩︎

  3. Exister, consister, assister, insister, résister, persister, transister… ↩︎

  4. making a living costs lives, making a living costs lives… Consumerism sales off genocide. ↩︎

  5. Gerontocracy: those who benefit from “working late” encourage increasing labor with the fallacious pretext that life expectancy is longer (which implies costs to maintain you alive – and useful to keep routine business snowballing in these warming times before another ice age[8]) ↩︎

  6. cryptography replaced esoterism as a predictable tool to remain impredictable – a runaway energy infrastructure cost, AKA. Growth©®øØK™. ↩︎

  7. define our

    This is not an acronym, not an identity, barely a construct to step away from this hostile circle. Those who prefer life[9] and do not fear death—at least not as pathologically as to kill others in pursuit of (evermore) “life” walk with me (hopefully you)[10] ↩︎

  8. Upcoming Ice Age

    as the planet warms up, more water evaporates, intensifying the water cycle, bringing down larger molecules (like toxic pollutants) with more rain – due to the fact that air temperature rises, creating friction, thus amplifying air currents, moving more matter that condensates to form clouds and follow gravity—more wind, the air gets colder, etc. Humidity informs light reflection, mist comes up where wind is not, electric storms, tidal waves: drums atonal beat in cranky cacophony, horns in the jam, jackhammers clocking 12 stories deep of foundations for an upcoming skyscraper among others ; as if nothing happened. ↩︎

  9. define life

    When you walk with me, care for other, do least harm, strive to do best for all that lives, you’re living life ; when you’re in-between, you waste – at least your[10:1] – life, when you walk alone, or with your nasty band of brothers harming everything and everyone around you, you’re killing life. ↩︎

  10. me & you

    everyone else
    but me.

    I cannot escape people, hence I cannot escape…
    everyone else, but me.

    Escaping me escapes me.
    Mind you: (& everyone else) are me[11], I mean you is me.
    Yet you escape me.
    But you cannot
    escape people, so
    you cannot escape me.

    We cannot escape each other
    Each other is you, is me, are everyone else
    Everyone else but me.

    So: escape with each other!
    As we escape each other
    And everyone else but me
    We, the people informs. ↩︎ ↩︎

  11. a writer is her own reader ; therefore it’s a dualistic mind split to be writing and reading at the same time, the act of reading unfolds a community of readers who share this diffraction – not everyone understands the same from reading the same lines. Each reader a singularity and yet, something beyond each singularity spills and overflows into the transindividual, across boundaries, between inspaces. ↩︎